Hi, nice to meet you!

I’m Jen: former vet technician now full-time dog writer.

I’m the voice, author, and creator behind Droolicious Dog Treats. I’m not a professional baker or cook, I’m a dog owner and a dog advocate. I love making healthy, simple treats for my dogs Odin, Finn and Lou so much that I decided to start a website filled with all of our favorite treats!

When I’m not making homemade dog treats I manage my other website- My Brown Newfies which is all about Newfoundland dogs.


Our Team


Odin is a Landseer Newfoundland and chief taste-tester. Before a recipe makes it to this blog, it has to be Odin approved.


Finn is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi and assistant to our chief taste-tester. Finn makes sure that no crumb is left behind.


Lou is a brown Newfie and is currently in training to be a chief taste tester. He needs to learn to take his treats with a little less enthusiasm but he is the top drooler in our family.

More about Droolicious Dog Treats:

Droolicious Dog Treats is all about simple and healthy dog treat recipes. I love my dogs and want to give them the healthiest and happiest life that I can but just so we’re clear, I’m not a professional chef, veterinarian or veterinarian nutritionist. The dog treats that see here are safe for my dogs but every dog is different. Most of the homemade treats shared here have been approved by our veterinarian but you should always consult with your veterinarian before adding any new food to your dog’s diet. Any new food or treat should be added slowly to your dog’s diet to make sure that they can tolerate it.